About Twin's Net

We propose a homepage as a tool for solving problems. We will maximize the strengths of the company and products.

We value dialogue with customers and our attitude of searching for the best proposals from communication.

What I always try to do,

Thoroughly collecting problems and needs and "knowing customers"
Provide good products and services by explaining the information users want in an easy-to-understand manner
Proactive and optimal service, kind and prompt response

We propose websites as tools for corporate brand strategies and build online shops.
We will incorporate the customer's desire to become like this in the future on the site.

SEO measures to direct users to the site, effective use of BLOG, issuance of e-mail magazines connecting users,
We also accept consultations on how to use direct mail.

Recently, site proposals with WORDPRESS that are easy to update according to customer needs are popular.
No matter how easy it is to update, it doesn't make sense on a site without a brand strategy.
I think it is very important to incorporate the thoughts of our customers.

Connected with a heart as round as grapes

I have been working in SOHO style for 10 years.
I was able to meet many local companies, SOHO colleagues, and people with various strengths.
If each person can be connected like a bunch of grapes
It should become a big force.

Connect, connect, connect

Twins Net thinks that it wants to value that feeling.