Flow of work

If you are requesting the website, please contact us by phone or inquiry form.

We will contact you after confirming the contents.

If you contact us, we will hear more requests, purposes, budgets, etc.

After the hearing, we will present a proposal and quotation.
If it doesn't fit your budget, please let us know. We will present a plan that is tailored to your budget.
If you are sure to use the contents of the quotation, it will be an order.
Design proposals are made after receiving an order.

If you have officially placed an order, it will be a contract.
We will exchange a contract and confirm the schedule.

We will further refine the contents of your proposal.
Top design, site composition, page composition, etc. are decided.
Based on your strategy, we'll also determine the key keywords for each page.
If you do not have a domain or server, we also take a reservation on behalf of you.
Please note that you pay for the domain server at actual cost.

During production, you can check the work status.
When the site is completed, we will confirm and deliver it.

In January after delivery, we will perform after-sales maintenance such as text correction.
Please contact us for guidance on renewal work at actual cost.
We also accept consultations about search engine registration and SEO.